Clinical Psychologists in Los Angeles

Clinical psychology is a broad branch of psychology which focuses diagnosing, treating of mental, emotional and behavioral disorder. Los Angeles psychologists integrate it with science, theory and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing and relieving psychological based dysfunction and to promote behavioral well being and also personal development.

It seeks to also integrate the science of psychology with the treatment of complex human problems which makes it an exciting career for those kinds of people who are looking for a rewarding as well as a challenging field.

A clinical psychologist in Los Angeles usually has a doctorate in psychology and also receives his or her trainings in clinical settings. It is important to note that the educational requirement to work as a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles is very rigorous and most clinical psychologists in Los Angeles spend between four to six years in graduate school even after earning a bachelor’s degree.

Although a Ph.D program is generally centered on research, another type of degree available in clinical psychology called Psy.D is practice oriented. Also, some schools can also offer masters degree in clinical psychology. Before choosing a program in clinical psychology, students must ensure that the program is accredited by the American Psychological association and other relevant bodies.

After completing an accredited graduate program, prospective clinical psychologists in Los Angeles must ensure that they also complete the required period of supervised training and examinations. This is very important for all Los Angeles Psychologists.

Clinical psychologists in Los Angeles majorly find and work in medical settings, engage in private practice or work in academic positions at colleges and universities. Some of these job roles cut across teaching and research in the area of clinical psychology.

Other job roles by those working in clinical psychology include the treatment of physical disorders, alcohol and drug treatment, designing, creating and administering programs to treat and prevent social problems, offering testimonies during legal sittings, assessment and diagnosis of physical disorders.

It is important to note that clinical psychologists in Los Angeles only make up for a fraction of all Los Angeles Psychologists.

Prospective clinical psychologists should understand that like for every other profession, there is a benefit and downsides of a career in clinical psychology.

Despite all the benefits, the downsides include the risk of burnout due to demanding nature of therapy and the incredible amount of paper work it requires due to keeping extensive record of clients.

Careers in Clinical Psychology